Kimberly + Steven – Wedding at Burlap and Bells

“You see the love that was put into everything… you see the story. I want to look back at these photos and see all the love that was put into the awesome party celebrating our lives together.”


This is Kim + Steven’s wedding story. So Kim, it’s your turn to look back at your *own* photos and reminisce — the amazingness of that location, the perfection of the weather, the food (ahem, Enos Farms, you all are the best!) and the love and excitement and emotion that defined your day. Enjoy!

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Collaborative Sculpture by AAKSO — Artist Story


You may remember when we posted about Peepwool (back in 2013). Well, a lot has changed for Amy + Kelsey within the realm of their business life, so we thought it would be fun to show you some updated photos of them and their work. They have combined both their talents as well as their names, to form AASKO (Amy Arnold + Kelsey Sauber Olds).

Here’s a bit of the story, from their website: “Kelsey had been making custom furniture and offering a line of bamboo cutting boards, while Amy had been making fiber and clay dolls and recycled wool hats. In 2012 Amy made her way into the wood shop and began carving her figurative sculptures in wood. Amy’s presence in the wood shop has led us to a new partnership.  Together, we are making a cast of human/animal figurative sculptures in wood. The shaping, refining and texturing of basswood is done with a combination of power and hand tools. The pieces are finished with layers of milk paint. As our collaboration relies upon a balance between our sensibilities, personalities and skills, so too do our finished pieces walk a fine line. We are interested in exploring a balance between human and animal; wild and tame; crude and refined; movement and stability; humor and seriousness; adult and child; toy and art object.”

They had just come off of hosting a local art tour at their place, and even after all of that busy, were still kind enough to let us take some photos of what their process looks like:







































Also, here’s where you can find out more about AAKSO:


This post is part of our Artist Stories series – to find out more about why and what we’re doing, head here. Follow along on Facebook to watch for more Artist Stories like this! 

Brianna + Luke


five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – This beautiful couple lives in San Francisco…

2 – with their sweet little 3-month-old baby boy.

3 – Brianna and Luke showed zero signs of stress the entire day.

4 – Nothing about this wedding was trying too hard. It just naturally flowed together.

5 – Brianna’s dress is amazing and unlike any we’ve seen before. (But you’ll figure that out pretty quickly.)

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Claire + Josh got married under their apple tree, surrounded by their closest family + friends

This was one of those weddings that makes us ask ourselves, do we really get to do this for a living?

Josh + Claire live on a beautiful plot of land in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They quit their day jobs in Boston, around a year ago, bought a house, got engaged, and decided to have their wedding under the apple tree in their yard. Over the last year, they’ve worked like crazy on their home + land, to prepare for their wedding and to get settled into their new homesteading lifestyle. And, if we can say so ourselves, they’re really good at this new lifestyle.

Claire described their wonderfully simple wedding to us like this, “We want to relax and have fun with our family. Our schedule is very simple – ceremony, apps/drinks, then dinner. It’s all happening in our front yard.” They went the unconventional — but lovely — route of having only their family and a couple friends each. Josh’s grandma officiated the ceremony, and Claire’s adorable 84-year-old grandpa was the ring bearer. 🙂 And there was basically no getting ready, no set start time, no seating assignments… it all flowed in a truly organic way.

Josh + Claire have the sweetest families, who cared for us as if WE were part of their family. What an honor it was to be part of this intimate day.

ClaireJoshBlog001ClaireJoshBlog002 stream stop motion ClaireJoshBlog004 ClaireJoshBlog005 ClaireJoshBlog006Bike stop motion ClaireJoshBlog008 ClaireJoshBlog009 ClaireJoshBlog010ClaireJoshBlog012 ClaireJoshBlog013 ClaireJoshBlog014 ClaireJoshBlog015 ClaireJoshBlog016ClaireJoshBlog018 ClaireJoshBlog019 ClaireJoshBlog020 ClaireJoshBlog021 ClaireJoshBlog022 ClaireJoshBlog023 ClaireJoshBlog024ClaireJoshBlog026 ClaireJoshBlog027 ClaireJoshBlog028 ClaireJoshBlog029 ClaireJoshBlog030 ClaireJoshBlog031ClaireJoshBlog033 ClaireJoshBlog034 ClaireJoshBlog035ClaireJoshBlog036 ClaireJoshBlog037 ClaireJoshBlog038 ClaireJoshBlog039ClaireJoshBlog041 ClaireJoshBlog042 ClaireJoshBlog043ClaireJoshBlog045ClaireJoshBlog051 ClaireJoshBlog052ClaireJoshBlog054ClaireJoshBlog057 ClaireJoshBlog058 ClaireJoshBlog059 ClaireJoshBlog060 ClaireJoshBlog061 ClaireJoshBlog062 ClaireJoshBlog063 ClaireJoshBlog064 ClaireJoshBlog065 ClaireJoshBlog066 ClaireJoshBlog067 ClaireJoshBlog068ClaireJoshBlog048ClaireJoshBlog049ClaireJoshBlog050 ClaireJoshBlog069 ClaireJoshBlog070 ClaireJoshBlog071ClaireJoshBlog073 ClaireJoshBlog075 ClaireJoshBlog076 ClaireJoshBlog077 ClaireJoshBlog078 ClaireJoshBlog079 ClaireJoshBlog080 ClaireJoshBlog081 CJ-344CJ-374CJ-384rain stop motionClaireJoshBlog087ClaireJoshBlog084ClaireJoshBlog089 ClaireJoshBlog090fog stop motion ClaireJoshBlog093CJ-401ClaireJoshBlog094CJ-405

ClaireJoshBlog095 ClaireJoshBlog096 ClaireJoshBlog097 ClaireJoshBlog098 ClaireJoshBlog099ClaireJoshBlog100




Katy + Dan were married at her family’s lake house, drove off in an amphibious car, and dodged the downpour

Our three-year-old daughter is in this stage of asking us, “do I look pretty?” Most of the time, she’s referring to something she has dressed up in. We’ve been trying to teach her that her beauty isn’t shown through her clothing choices, but through the attitude of her heart, which can be reflected through her face — her smile, her eyes — but also through her kindness to others. As we were editing the images from Katy + Dan’s wedding we said to each other, multiple times, she is so pretty! She smiled the entire day — through the rain, the changes in schedule, the unknown of when dancing/music might begin… seriously, she was smiling and full of joy all day long!

In Dan’s father’s speech, he remembered first asking Dan about Katy, and how he would be able to make her happy. Dan replied, “No one has to make Katy happy, she just IS happy.”

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Peepwool – Artist Story

Peepwool – Viroqua, WI
Artists working in clay, fiber and wood
Amy Arnold + Kelsey Sauber Olds


It’s not often that we run into other families that have lifestyles similar to our own. Other than when we’re out exploring, most of our life happens at home — we live, work, school, eat, play, sleep… at home. Amy + Kelsey and their three boys do the same sort of things, out in their beautiful country home.

It was so fun to see their workspace, a glimpse of how their creations come together, and how they balance kids, work, and everyday life. Amy and I agreed that it’s definitely crazy some days, but it’s so worth it.

Though Peepwool continues to evolve into new and exciting things, here’s the definition Amy writes on her website:

Peepwool: A one-of-a-kind figurative sculpture concocted from recycled, felted wool and festooned with frills, frippery, and finery of every sort. Equal parts refuse and treasure, alien and object, beauty and beastie, Peepwool are alluring yet repulsive, yielding yet fierce. They can be found, variously, lounging upon sofas, leering from walls, and snuggling under the chins of slumbering children.
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Andy + Lacey in a big barn with great music, a caricature artist, and desserts galore!

Many times, we have  a pretty good grasp on what to expect at a wedding. Yet, sometimes, we’re totally wrong. Before the wedding, Andy had informed us that Lacey has a whole basement full of stuff to fill the barn. We figured he was exaggerating. But no, he was serious. 🙂

Andy has been in a ton of bands and Lacey co-owns a hair salon, so the day was filled with great musicians and of course, great hair, all around. At the end of the night, Andy joined the live band, locked eyes with his Lacey and sang his heart out. This all took place at the beautiful Barn at Harvest Moon Pond.

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a boy named Andrew proposed to a girl named Anna… and we saw it happen!

A few months ago we received a sweet email from a girl named Anna, saying this:

“You don’t know me, but I am probably your biggest fan. I’m not getting married soon. I’m not even engaged. But when my boyfriend of 4+ years pops the question (which is hopefully soon!), I assure you that you are going to hear about it within a day because I CANNOT WAIT to fill out that contact form on your website!”

A few months after that, we received an excited email from a boy named Andrew, saying this:

“You might remember a girl named Anna who basically sent you a fan-email. That’s my girlfriend and… I just bought a ring!”

Fast forward through a few more emails, some secret phone calls and text messages… to a chilly – but sunny – late November day.

We’ve been part of secret proposals before, but we’ve never photographed one together. And we were seriously more nervous than Andrew was, we think. 🙂

Because Anna already knew of us, Andrew decided to have us be the “surprise”. He told her he had an early Christmas present for her, but she would have to wait to find out. We watched as they pulled up and then saw Anna notice us, with tears in her eyes. 🙂 We were so flattered; she was excited about us?! Just wait, Anna…

So we continued the session, playing games and laughing a lot, just as we normally would, but three out of the four of us knew something would happen after a little while…

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