Readstown, WI Shabby Chic Farm Wedding | Aaron + Emily

August 14, 2010

Nearly everything in Aaron and Emily’s wedding was DIY and they really pulled off an amazing rustic, vintage-y wedding.  The location of the wedding was already quite picturesque, but they outdid themselves and made the farm totally beautiful. They turned an old chicken coop into a room to showcase pictures and turned a tin machine shed into the sweet reception area, decorating tables with vintage bed sheets that they found at thrift stores and used them to create patchwork tablecloths.  Their family’s made-from-scratch food (all the way down to the meat — Emily’s dad is a butcher — and grown-from-seed basil used in the pesto pasta) was not only gorgeous, but delicious, too.  And as if that wasn’t tasty enough, they filled a cute gazebo full of candy and cupcakes (yum!).

Confession/story time: I was eyeing up the candy-filled gazebo all night, so right before we were ready to head out, I went up there to grab a treat (yes, I have a major sweet tooth)… anyhow, it was super dark and, as I stepped out of the gazebo, I stepped partially on a stone and twisted my ankle!  I limped to the road and had Ray pick me up!  I thought I may have broken it, but alas, it was just a sprain.  I felt so bad because I wanted to say a formal goodbye to Aaron and Emily, but thankfully, I saw Aaron as I was walking toward the road.  And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t tell him what happened, who cares about me? – it was his wedding day!

Anyhow, a few of our favorites (there were many!):


Vendors and Venue:
Family Farm, Readstown, WI


I am Emily’s mom. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures! They capture the day perfectly.
I took my photo album to my hairdressers to show her and she was so impressed that she told one of her other clients and they are interested in hiring you. I thought that was a great compliment.
Sorry to hear about your ankle! Did you even get any candy? I hear it was hit pretty hard and there wasn’t much left by the end of the night.

Thanks for your kind words – and for the referral! No worries about my ankle – I had a speedy recovery =) And yep, I did grab a cupcake and some sweets – I still can’t believe how much candy was in that gazebo! Take care, Kelly