A+B – a Stop Motion Video

June 30, 2016

A few really great quotes from Alexis + Brent’s first few emails to us:

In all honestly, I feel as though I have been actively falling in love with Brent since middle school. –Alexis

Well there is the obvious, I love the girl I’m marrying in May. She has been my best friend since the day I met her in middle school. –Brent

When given the choice, I tend to seek out the most challenging way to go about something. Take this wedding, for example. (planned in 40 days!)

We went into this thinking we would have to settle on photography with our short planning time frame, but instead feel like we’re about to hit the jackpot.

Know that stop motion photography is the most excited we’ve ever been about anything wedding related in our adult life.

  • Well, be excited, friends — it’s here!

(a few tips: turn up your volume, make it full-screen, select HD-quality by viewing on Vimeo or selecting 1080p, enjoy!)

*a big shout out to Ray’s brother, Matt, who rocked the editing on this all the way from Germany!*
*gotta love those tents!


So beautiful!!!

WHAT!!!! This is insanity! In all the best ways of insanity. Very amazing, you guys.

I had heard all about the wedding from your mom, and saw pics from her phone. Enjoyed seeing the video!

Omgosh! You guys! This is increddddddddddible! All of it. The emotion and music and framing and all the things. Go team Ray and Kelly!!!