Anna + Andrew

September 3, 2014

You may remember these two and their adorable proposal story. 🙂

Because we were able to document their proposal, we had been anticipating this wedding since way back in November of 2012… but we know Anna and Andrew (especially Anna!) had been planning and looking forward to it for even longer! Well the day definitely delivered: perfect weather, yummy sunny goodness, and giddyness all around — here is a glimpse into Anna + Andrew’s wedding day.

AnnaAndrew001 AnnaAndrew002 AnnaAndrew003 AnnaAndrew004 AnnaAndrew005 AnnaAndrew006 AnnaAndrew007 AnnaAndrew008 AnnaAndrew009 AnnaAndrew010 AnnaAndrew011a AnnaAndrew013a AnnaAndrew015 AnnaAndrew016 AnnaAndrew017 AnnaAndrew018 AnnaAndrew019 AnnaAndrew020 AnnaAndrew021 AnnaAndrew022 AnnaAndrew023 AnnaAndrew024 AnnaAndrew025aAnnaAndrew028 AnnaAndrew027 AnnaAndrew029a AnnaAndrew031 AnnaAndrew032 AnnaAndrew033 AnnaAndrew034 AnnaAndrew035 AnnaAndrew036 AnnaAndrew037 AnnaAndrew038 AnnaAndrew039 AnnaAndrew040 AnnaAndrew041 AnnaAndrew042 AnnaAndrew043 AnnaAndrew044 AnnaAndrew045 AnnaAndrew046 AnnaAndrew047 AnnaAndrew048 AnnaAndrew049 AnnaAndrew050 AnnaAndrew051 AnnaAndrew052 AnnaAndrew053 AnnaAndrew054 AnnaAndrew055 AnnaAndrew056 AnnaAndrew057 AnnaAndrew058 AnnaAndrew059 AnnaAndrew060 AnnaAndrew061 AnnaAndrew062 AnnaAndrew063 AnnaAndrew064 AnnaAndrew065 AnnaAndrew066 AnnaAndrew067 AnnaAndrew068 AnnaAndrew069 AnnaAndrew070 AnnaAndrew071 AnnaAndrew072 AnnaAndrew073 AnnaAndrew074 AnnaAndrew075 AnnaAndrew076a AnnaAndrew079a AnnaAndrew081a AnnaAndrew083 AnnaAndrew084 AnnaAndrew085a AnnaAndrew086bAnnaAndrew089 AnnaAndrew091 AnnaAndrew092 AnnaAndrew093 AnnaAndrew094 AnnaAndrew095


Great pictures…. glad we could share the weekend with everyone.

Lovely pictures! Looked like a wonderfully special day!!

That weekend has been captured so beautifully.