In and around the office

January 24, 2012

We have a pretty non-traditional work schedule. It’s one of the major perks of this job. That, and being able to kiss my husband whenever I want to. 🙂 But because we choose to have our kids home with us and really don’t want them to remember us as the parents who always looked at a screen, it also means a lot of naptime and late-night working hours for me (Kelly).

Other than on wedding days, our time working together really doesn’t overlap too much – so today was a first in our house. We had a teenage neighbor/friend come over for a few hours to watch the kids while we worked together – in daylight hours – in our home office. Awesome. (Thanks, Allie!) We’re so excited about this new weekly tradition and are so, so thankful for the trustworthy help.

Here’s what a glimpse of our day looks like when we do attempt to all be in the office at the same time (it’ll help you to understand why we don’t try it too often). Also, we’ll have to do a bit of a more in-depth office tour sometime. It’s a pretty sweet set-up, including 14(!) windows.

One of us usually ends up downstairs or outside with the kids because things get a little bit, well, loud for the person who is trying to actually work. 🙂


i so relate to this post! thanks for sharing; loved the images, of course!

This? This is basically what I want my life to look like in ~10 years. My husband and I don’t work in the industry, but he already works full time (and then some) from home, and I’m working my way there. Add some future child-induced craziness to the mix, and I think it’ll look a lot like this. 🙂

LOVE this little look into your day to day life.