Cara + James brought us to the tower of terror

February 18, 2021

That might be my worst title ever, but I’m sticking to it. Long story short, Kara and James own and live in this really awesome (and just a little bit creepy) old warehouse in Milwaukee right next to the river. And we all went there and did photos on the rooftop of the warehouse because why wouldn’t you if you own a 6(?) story 100 year old warehouse? But it required everyone to load up and take the freight elevator, which was awesome, but we were only about 50 percent sure it was going to make it up and down at a normal elevator operating speed. Yes I went on disney’s tower of terror and had a few flashbacks as this thing slowly made its way to the top of the building. Ok enough about my flashbacks this wedding was pretty awesome and Cara and James are the sweetest most fun loving people around…

A few details that we loved
– Cara is a triplet
– Their reception venue is a beautiful concert venue (Turner Hall) and so of course the dance and band was amazing
– Both of their dads dressed up in Cheffer hats and drove them around town