Claire + Josh got married under their apple tree, surrounded by their closest family + friends

October 28, 2013

This was one of those weddings that makes us ask ourselves, do we really get to do this for a living?

Josh + Claire live on a beautiful plot of land in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They quit their day jobs in Boston, around a year ago, bought a house, got engaged, and decided to have their wedding under the apple tree in their yard. Over the last year, they’ve worked like crazy on their home + land, to prepare for their wedding and to get settled into their new homesteading lifestyle. And, if we can say so ourselves, they’re really good at this new lifestyle.

Claire described their wonderfully simple wedding to us like this, “We want to relax and have fun with our family. Our schedule is very simple – ceremony, apps/drinks, then dinner. It’s all happening in our front yard.” They went the unconventional — but lovely — route of having only their family and a couple friends each. Josh’s grandma officiated the ceremony, and Claire’s adorable 84-year-old grandpa was the ring bearer. 🙂 And there was basically no getting ready, no set start time, no seating assignments… it all flowed in a truly organic way.

Josh + Claire have the sweetest families, who cared for us as if WE were part of their family. What an honor it was to be part of this intimate day.

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The food at this wedding looks delicious! rustic and savory.

I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorites but then again, I’m pretty sure I say that every time. You two. So so good. Love the artistry of the food and the way you captured it. The vibe. Goodness.

really, really wonderful. especially loving your attention to things like water on the tomatoes and rain falling off the tent. but you know as always i love it allllll.

You are not only great photographers, but outstanding storytellers. Thank you for making this day a story for all of us to relive over and over again.
love you!

The food looks amazing, who prepared it?

How beautiful. I love simple, authentic weddings and this was one. Amazing!