Megan + Julian

November 24, 2015


five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These two live in NYC. Julian was born and raised in Greenwich Village. (That still kind of blows my mind, Julian.)

2 – They’re both psychotherapists but we never felt like they were analyzing us. 😉

3 – So many happy tears at this wedding, too. Keep the happy tears coming, friends!

4 – Quotes like this from a bride make our hearts sing: “To me, the most important investment for our day is our photographers, and it was first on my mind – I hope our day is going to be filled with personality, nature, and artistry and I don’t think anyone could do better at capturing these things visually for us and our loved ones to cherish!”

5 – As you can see from point #4, these two went above and beyond to make us feel like a king and queen. They contacted even before they set their date or found a venue, they adjusted their budget, and they wrote us multiple little love-note-emails to let us know how excited they were for us to be at their wedding. Are you kidding us? Thanks for choosing US, guys!

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Vendors and Venues:
Ceremony: The Grove Redfield Estate