Harvest Moon Dinner by Enos Farms

December 10, 2012

Erin + Jeremy are the fabulous duo behind Enos Farms, their catering business that revolves around locally-grown and impeccably-sourced food. Their enthusiasm and talent for what they do is amazing. We first met these two at a wedding we were all working at, then the following morning we received an email asking us if we would be interested in photographing *their* wedding next summer! We became fast friends, then they invited us to document this wonderful dinner.

It was an unusually (but welcomed) warm and sunny October day for this outdoor, five course progressive dinner in Spring Green, WI. If you’ve never been to the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, you’re missing out. 🙂 The afternoon began with appetizers at the bottom of the hill — where many of the veggies for the dinner were grown and harvested. Over the course of the evening we worked our way up the hill, stopping to enjoy soup and Furthermore beer. Once at the top, we were seated and served salad and the main course. After dinner, we walked down a little path, grabbed a wool blanket and a cup of the richest hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted. To finish off the night, we enjoyed maple creme brulee and gathered around a massive bonfire that Jeremy created for us all to enjoy, as we watched the sun set and the full harvest moon rise.

We’ve come to believe that good food tastes even better when it’s paired with a beautiful environment and wonderful experience. Even though, upon arrival, we only knew two of the 18 guests, by the end of the night we felt as though we were dining with family.

I was once asked if I could name the most delicious meal I had ever eaten. Now I’m easily able to answer that question.

Here’s a little taste 🙂 of the day:


So if your mouth is watering, be sure to follow Enos Farms on Facebook to stay posted about the next dinner series!



It´s amazing!! congratulations 🙂

Oh My Dear God how JEALOUS I am right now!!!!!!! I’d give A LOT to be part of this. Amazing get together & photography. x

I second what Anda said. Seriously, there’s so much goodness here. Love everything about it. I really like the nighttime shots, they ooze warmth & coziness, even though it’s outdoors.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Not that I wouldn’t remember it without, but these are great. See you at the wedding if not before.

oh, wow. this is wonderful. can I come hang out? seriously though, love this.

you just put my three favorite things … seasonal/local food, community, and beautiful photography … all into one blog post. i will return to look at this many times because of that. wish i had been there … looks like my kind of place/thing. xxoo.

this is amazing. love it!

Goodness, I want to go out to eat with you guys.