we took a trip to Portland

July 5, 2011

Just a few of the recent gifts (so many others that haven’t been documented here – oops!).  I’ll add in some commentary this time, since it’s such a random mix of events!

In all our hiking excursions while we lived out in Portland, we never did the Multnomah-Wahkeena loop… so finally, we hit it up:

Then after a drive and ferry ride way up to Olympic National Park, we hiked and camped with our friends Dan and Stacia.  Perfect weather (ok, a little cold in the night) and amazing views!  It was too bright for me to look at the camera 🙂
(photo below taken by Dan)

Amazingly, during a layover in Minneapolis, we were able to see our newest niece, who is currently spending her days in the hospital… she’s a precious little miracle and we were soo excited that it worked out to meet her (thanks, Kevin and Naomi!)
When we arrived home, it was swimsuit weather and – as much as this appears to be a not-great situation, I promise you there was giggling going on =)

the counting…

-endless hours of uninterrupted talking
-a vacation away from our office/home… the only way to really not be working all the time!
-grandparents who joyfully and wonderfully cared for our little ones for 7 days
-friendships afar, the feeling as if we haven’t skipped a beat
-mountains.  real mountains.
-hiking and exploring… with friends!
-baby Ellie – our miracle of a niece… and the blessing of being able to meet her during a spontaneous layover excursion!
-sweet children; playing, wresting, tickling, loving – moments I’m so blessed to witness, ones I’ve prayed for… just beautiful.
-sincere apologies (and forgiveness)
-renewed joy in serving
-fresh strawberries
-a hilariously awkward sleeping location