Images we love from 2011

January 27, 2012

It’s amazing how fun – yet difficult – it is to look back on and choose favorites from an entire year’s worth of images. We did the math and realized we’ve delivered around 14,000 images to our clients throughout this year. That kind of a lot, right? Trying to search through those and decide on our absolute favorites is amazingly tricky. Yes, Ray and I are a team but we don’t always have the same preferences. 🙂

Over the past few days, we’ve focused on updating our portfolio (so go check out all the new/updated portfolio galleries!), but here is a very small selection of our absolute favorite images from 2011 – our top 10, we think. 🙂 Every one of these images evokes some sort of emotion in both of us, even after looking at them close to hundreds of times.

Dear Rob, Kelsey, Ryan, Jess, Lindsey, Art, Adam, Annie, Robbie, Sarah, Greg, Jackie, Jason, Lane, Nate, Katie, DJ, Melissa, Billy, Kelly, Dan, Colleen, Pasquale, Chessie, Brian, Kristy, William, Leah, Matt, Mindy, Dan, Michelle, Nick, Gayle, Rich, Patty, Ryan, Miranda:

We’re so deeply grateful that you chose us to be a part of your wedding. We only have images like this because each of you invited us in and trusted us to do what we love.

Thank you. So much.

ray + kelly


Love, love, love love LOVE the 3rd photo down (555)… so great.

gorgeously amazing! i love these images as well. fabulous job guys!