The day the mosquitos tried to eat Jenna + Stephen

August 22, 2014


Stephen and Jenna met while working in a NYC restaurant shortly after graduating from the same culinary school. Steve is from New York state originally, while Jenna grew up in Wisconsin and they currently reside in San Francisco.

When we asked these guys to describe what their wedding might be like, they said the theme would be “kegs, pig & pie”. 🙂 Somehow, the theme for all the weddings we’ve photographed this year also seems to be mosquitos, sweat & rain – yikes! Thankfully, we have couples who deal with these elements with smiles on their faces… and mosquito bites on their backs. 😉

Without further ado, Jenna + Stephen at Lussier Family Heritage Center:

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Giant jenga!? Awesome! Beautiful photos, guys. Love how you captured the rain.

Steve and Jenna gave us THEIR day to share. Just beautiful photos !

Beautiful!!!! Love the close ups! Great photo’s of you both. I especially love the photo with the seats for the wedding and the barn!!! Texture & color in the photos are great. They really captured the spirit of the day!!!!

WOW! Fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Such beautiful pictures! The bride just looks so very happy! What a wonderful celebration for all of you!

What an incredible wedding! The photos are exquisite…however the photographer had great subjects and objects to shoot!! In my mind, this was the perfect wedding!

Love, love these!