Joey + Jenna were married on the farm where the peacocks played and the tortoise tried to run away.

July 26, 2013

In the farm home where she grew up, on the eve before her wedding, Jenna woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a downpour. She and Joey had planned an all-outdoor, no-back-up-plan-because-it’s-going-to-be-outdoors wedding. 🙂 Her sister remembers waking up around 3am to Jenna’s whimpering and saying, “no. noo. no.” each time she heard thunder. If you know Jenna, that somehow becomes funnier. 🙂 But against all odds and weather forecasts, the rains stayed away. And the story truly ends with a happily ever after. In fact, the weather was perfect. The light? Even better. And the entire event? Beyond description.

It’s difficult and ridiculously fun for us to re-live this event. Difficult, because there was just SO much to take in. Every direction we turned, something amazing was happening and every acre of land was cared for and prepared with love for this day. Fun, because… really, where do we even begin?

A gathering of artists.
An event where emotions were shown and cell phones were ignored.
A ceremony officiated by Joey’s late father’s best man.
Stacked wood art, created by Joey.
Herbert, the couple’s pet Sulcata tortoise.
Wood-fired pizza ovens. Two of them.
A “bedtime story” told to guests, narrated by Jenna’s father, from the perspective of the old oak tree that we were all sitting under. (Kelly sure did cry while this was happening.)
Fellow band members and friends who kept everyone entertained and dancing ’til the rains came down (at midnight).
Fireworks. Crazy, crazy fireworks.
Dancing under the moonlit sky.
The longest day of the year. (But no one would have minded if it were even longer.)

We’ll stop here and let you see a bit more of it for yourselves. Amazing, amazing. All around. We really like these guys (and our kids really like their tortoise) 😉

To everyone involved in preparing for and executing Jenna + Joey’s wedding day: WOW. We’re standing and applauding over here. What an honor it was to document it. Here’s about a tenth of what took place that day:


Friends, please be sure to check out the following talent:
–Jenna’s sweet friend and very talented florist, Emily of Prairie Fair
–Wood-fired pizza-makers extroadinairre, Flying Cow Pizza
–Jenna + Joey’s bands, Tree Party + The Poor Nobody’s
–The band who played all night long, The Brass Messengers
–Jenna’s redesigned vintage dress came from, Andreas Vintage Bridal
–And we wish there was a site we could direct you to, that would tell you about all the work that their friends, and most especially their families, did to prepare for this day. Because they deserve some major accolades.



Absolutely ADORE your wedding! I am going to Andrea’s to go dress shopping on Saturday, but I am DYING to know where you found your bridesmaid dresses!!!

Jenna, I am dying to know where you got your dress!? Your wedding looked lovely.

We just added that link above. 🙂

Ah! This was OUR WEDDING! Thanks commenters, but serious thanks to Ray + Kelly! I mean, come on really?! Way to make our day look SUPER awesome! Love, love, love.

Holy cow, you guys! I loved every picture. It’s rare that I go through a post from a wedding and just want to see so much more of the day, but for this one I do! So much beauty, and that couple has some serious style! (As do you two, duh)

Freaking AWESOME! LOVED every single detail of this wedding. Could almost envision myself being there! You two knocked this one out of the park (along with all the other amazing folks who actually made it happen!)!!! Beautiful and so unique!

Beautiful friends! Beautiful couple! Beautiful marriage! Beautiful celebration! Stunning photography!

Woah. Ummm. Yeah. No words. Way to rock this, Silers!

cripes. this is all OFF THE HOOK.

magic. pure magic. way to go team siler.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. (so good!)

I second what Angela wrote. Moved to lots of tears by this beautiful couple and their family and friends. Kelly and Ray, you two are awesome! I want meet these people!

there are no words to describe the story you two captured here … it’s evident that joey and jenna love each other a ton and have been blessed with the presence of many, many, many amazing (and talented) people in their lives. WOW.

I don’t know if I have ever been moved to tears by the story told by anyone’s wedding day photographs, but I was just now. Congratulations on capturing the intensity of the day you described in words on the visual canvas you both work so beautifully with. I think you mentioned “amazing”? Yes, yes you are!

I think this is a favorite. You two are truly blessed to be a part of the weddings you photograph, and you photograph them so well.