Madison Masonic Center Wedding | Art + Lindsey

June 13, 2011

We woke up and both felt sick to our stomachs and had pounding headaches.  It will pass, we thought.  We drove to Madison, without our usual rock-out-get-ready-to-shoot-a-wedding soundtrack playing.  We needed silence.  Breakfast was a muffin, but that didn’t even enter our bodies.  Oh Lord, please help us to make it through this day…

Somehow, with smiles on our face and energy that (we think?) fooled everyone, we made it.  Miracle.  Serious miracle.  It’s the first wedding we shot where we felt sick (and both of us, at that!).  But we were not about to let anyone know that – so we kept on smiling.  And we really did start feeling better as the day went on.  Anyhow, enough about us!

When we walked into the Madison Masonic Center to find Lindsey getting her make-up done, we immediately noticed all the beautiful light in the room.  Oooh, how we love getting ready rooms that have natural (as compared to florescent!) light.  Plus, it was just a great all-around room, with fun/crazy design (velour wallpaper!?).  Lindsey told us one of the reasons she chose this venue was because of this room – smart bride! =)

Here are a few favorites from the day:

Thank you, Arthur and Lindsey, for allowing so much time for photos (yay!) and for a fun day (seriously, we had fun, despite feeling a bit sick!) =).


Ceremony: Grace Episcopal Church
Reception: Madison Masonic Center
Make-Up: Jennyface