Seth + Laura are engaged!

April 19, 2012

Every once in a while we have presidential candidates who want to be a part of our engagement sessions and normally, it doesn’t work out for them to be a part of any of our photos.  But, when we met up with Laura and Seth, we managed to fit a little, tiny bit of Ron Paul and his fan club into the background.  (Ok, so maybe it was totally an accident and not visible at all, but there really was a Ron Paul rally going on to the left of the last picture on the lake.) 🙂

So… on to a real story! I’ve known Laura for years. We grew up about 3 miles from each other, went to high school together, were prom king and queen(!), worked at the same restaurant, and both enjoyed the fresh air of the Wisconsin farmland (and I’m not really talking about the good smelling fresh air).

After not seeing Laura for about five years, we received an exciting email from her telling us about this amazing guy named Seth, who she is now engaged to, and asking us to take some photos of her and her favorite guy.  We were soo happy to meet Seth, walk around Madison with them, and grab some dinner together. They’re wonderful people who love Madison, the Badgers, kids, and each other.


i am in love with the feel of these images!

The light is to die for throughout, and I especially love the third image. Great capture of “the moment.” 🙂