bread winners workshop, new friends

February 13, 2012

We could probably write a book about our experience at the bread winners workshop with Jeremy and Ashley Parsons. Instead of doing that on our wee little blog, we’re planning to pour that energy into a big old thank you note to these guys because – when you feel like someone has given you a huge gift – you don’t run out of words to say thank you.

We’ve been shooting weddings since 2006 and had yet to go to a conference or workshop before… quite honestly, we’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to step it up a notch and get a bit deeper than just how to use your camera or maybe even how to market yourself or become famous. Here’s the truth – there have been points in the last few years where those things were the highest priority for us, but there has been a lot of learning that has taken place over the years, so we have been left wanting more.

Jeremy and Ash are people we have looked up to (from a “we only know about them online” distance) for awhile. But they willingly opened their home to us, total strangers, jumped down off any pedestal we or others had placed them on and related to us and accepted us. I mean, when the icebreaker of choice is Dance Central 2, how can you not immediately love everyone in the room? And we did… we’re soo, so thankful for the new friendships we formed with the other incredible couples who shared this experience with us. (We miss all of you!)

Jer and Ash have an wonderful ability to open their lives up to people and share the deepest parts of their hearts through their words. We were encouraged by their love for each other and their energy and excitement for what they do. Do you want to know the secret to how they’re so amazing at what they do? It maybe has nothing to do with their camera settings… it’s because they know how to love people really well.

We’re still digesting the hundreds of thoughts written down in our notebooks and are still asking ourselves hard questions that will help us make changes to better reflect why we do what we do… so, at this point, it’s kind of hard to write out more of what we learned. But we will leave you with a few quotes that have helped us to process “why” as well as a few images from our time at the Parsons that make us smile.

“Have you lost your sense of wonder?”
“We sometimes take ourselves too seriously and the people we shoot not seriously enough.”
“Happy photos are different than meaningful photos.”
“WHY… ? Ask yourself that question about everything.”
“Find joy where you are.”

p.s. I don’t know how we didn’t just steal baby Zion to bring him home with us – cutest kid.

p.s.s If you want to experience even more of what it felt like to be at the bread winners workshop, go look at these beautiful documentations on Kevin + Heidi’s blog and Steve + Bernadette’s blog.



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Guys, I love this entire post. I too, feel very strongly about living/leading my entire business around my WHYs. Every decision driven by that. (In fact, I’m about to delete my FB fan page and keep just the personal page — b/c having the fan page runs contrary to one of my WHYs ;)). Glad you both had this opportunity. Such a unique approach to a workshop.

So happy that you were able to have this priceless experience! You deserve it! I know you won’t squander it. 🙂

wow, sounds like a very inspirational time. thanks for sharing about it–its encouraging to hear that there are some out there who coach on more than making more $$ out of the biz.

You guys have such a cool perspective! I can’t wait to see some of those video clips you took someday!

So excited to see these images of the workshop. The Parsons work is amazing and so is yours! I will be following along to see more – it looked like an amazing experience 🙂

Looks like a really great, personal, authentic time you guys had. I saw it in the pictures.

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Ahhh I have so much respect for the Parsons, I can only imagine that it would have been an incredible time!

WOW guys! What you wrote was spot on.. We couldn’t have said any better than that. We actually had a really hard time putting it into words – So thank you for that. 🙂 As always, we are fans of your work – And can’t wait to see what you’ll continue to do with this new perspective.