The New Us

February 21, 2012

So after six and  a half years I have finally come to appreciate my wife enough that I think it’s time to add her name to the logo. 🙂 I mean I really love my name and its hard to comprehend all of the new complexities that adding the name “kelly” will bring to the logo. I mean all those ascenders, the double L’s. Ahhh.

Ok, all kidding aside. Kelly is an awesome photographer and a crucial part of what we do. And we absolutely love the fact that we can photograph couples, as a couple, and we think they should too. 🙂

And no, the logo above will not be our new one (though nothing says ridiculously awesome wedding photographers like a lightening bolt in the middle of our names), but you can keep your eyes out for the new official logo… which will be coming verrry soon (you know, just in case you want stickers, posters, or t-shirts of our names).




yayayayayayayayyayay! love this post … and i do like the lightening bolt! see you cats (errrr night owls) TONIGHT!

hahaha. I was scared for a minute there!