Tim + Rachel got married! — a Stop-Motion Film

June 3, 2013

Once upon a time — as in, at a wedding last fall — we took a LOT of photos. In stop-motion sets, just for fun. Ray had a few free hours last week to compile it all into a little film. So, here it is: 1500 images, 9 months later, 4 minutes of stop-motion!

Tim + Rachel from ray + kelly on Vimeo.  Music Credit: Ping Island by Mark Mothersbaugh


And just in case you didn’t see enough images from their wedding… here are a few more.



So creative. I loved it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

beautiful photos! ( + i love the stop motion! )

much love from canada,
rachel | http://rbanek.blogspot.ca

Thank you so much for everything. You are the best!

So awesome. Loved the dancing bride and groom feet. Too cute.

this is so absolutely perfect! I adore it!

YOU GUYS! THis is amazing………what a perfect wedding for this! The imagery is awesome! 🙂

Fantastic! Ditto to everyones comments. SUPER loved it!

I’m lovin’ you guys all over again…holy moly me oh my!

So so so awesome!!!!! I LOVE this, you two!!!!

Anda was here. And loved this.

So cool! Love it, Silers!

Life Aquatic! Awesome, love it.