Tricia + Mike

September 14, 2015

Five things you should know before viewing these photos:

1 – My favorite line from a questionnaire we send the couple came from Mike, “Some kids want to be a movie or sports star when they grew up, but my parents have always been my role model.  I aspire to be as kind, respected and loving as they are.”

2 – Tricia and Mike are the sweetest (if you can’t already tell from the above quote ^^^). They were truly more concerned about how everyone else was doing all day long, not even thinking about the fact that it was their wedding day. They were there to enjoy their guests and be there for them. Pretty amazing.

3 – This wedding wins the award for the most kids. They may or may not have stolen the show.

4 – Justin Trails owner, Donna, took us on a beautiful ride with a golf cart to sneak away for a few couples portraits. The land they own is unbelievable!

5 – It was hot. It might not look like it, but we were all s w e a t y ! 🙂

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