Katy + Dan were married at her family’s lake house, drove off in an amphibious car, and dodged the downpour

October 14, 2013

Our three-year-old daughter is in this stage of asking us, “do I look pretty?” Most of the time, she’s referring to something she has dressed up in. We’ve been trying to teach her that her beauty isn’t shown through her clothing choices, but through the attitude of her heart, which can be reflected through her face — her smile, her eyes — but also through her kindness to others. As we were editing the images from Katy + Dan’s wedding we said to each other, multiple times, she is so pretty! She smiled the entire day — through the rain, the changes in schedule, the unknown of when dancing/music might begin… seriously, she was smiling and full of joy all day long!

In Dan’s father’s speech, he remembered first asking Dan about Katy, and how he would be able to make her happy. Dan replied, “No one has to make Katy happy, she just IS happy.”


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You guys are simply unbelievable. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring.

these are great as always you guys. i’m jealous of all the lakes + outdoor days you guys have in your neck of the woods. haha i see my husband beat me to the comments. i of course ditto everything he says. hope you’re both doing well. xo

So, so beautiful you two!! There is such soul and beauty in these images. Your photos are just so… interesting, like always. I love the way you see a wedding day!

This is amazing! What a fantastic location and that car… 🙂 I loved every bit of this!