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Backyard Orchard Wedding Story

Backyard Orchard Wedding Story
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Cameron P
Ray and Kelly were perfect. I will expound on that just in case you are still undecided on whether or not to ask them to shoot your wedding! They exceeded my expectations in every way, a few of my family members questioned my judgment on setting my budget for photography but I can say in all honestly they are worth every penny and more and those who questioned 100% agreed with me after meeting Ray and Kelly and seeing our pictures. The work that they did and the photos that we have are priceless. Looking back at our wedding day my husband and I can’t imagine it without Ray and Kelly there! They were able to blend in and it felt like we had known them for years! They worked together as a perfect team and it was awesome having two different angles. Ray and Kelly were among one of the highlights of our wedding and one of the best decisions we could have made in our planning!
Los Angeles — California
Maryellyn Z
Ray & Kelly were everything we ever dreamed of in wedding photographers. We got married in Wisconsin and currently live in Oregon so they took the time to skype with us and get to know us and make sure it was a good fit. They provide clear information on their pricing and knew exactly what to expect of them. They communicated so well up until the wedding day and arrived on time looking awesome! During the actual wedding day they were amazing at placing themselves naturally into the occasion, sometimes you didn't even notice they were there. We didn't want a-lot of 'posed' pictures, so the ones we did do with family, they got them done quickly and effectively so we could enjoy the time with our friends and family instead of spending hours taking photos. They are truly really lovely people and we loved getting to know them, they made our day that much better! From what we have seen so far, we love our photos, they have a true eye for capturing all the emotions of such an important day. They are very skilled at candid photos and notice the little details, which I appreciate. I can't recommend them enough and will be honored to have them as photographers for any events we have in the future. They were the perfect choice. Thanks Ray and Kelly!
Los Angeles — California2