a treasure hunt for beauty… and some dancing, eating, running and playing

February 20, 2012

The off-season for us, as wedding photographers, is an interesting time. We shot our final wedding of the season in January and then we put our cameras away for a few days, maybe a week or two. It didn’t last too long, but we needed some time to be refreshed, to put on our blinders from what other people are creating, and to try to get our sense of wonder back.

We’re staying in our pajamas a little bit longer, we’re reading a lot, we’re going outside more. We’re in off-season mode, for the most part, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on other projects and it especially doesn’t mean that we’re not using our cameras. In fact, we’ve been finding that we pick them up a ton more than usual and instead, we’re spending less time in front of a computer screen. We’re looking for beauty, we’re on a treasure hunt, were re-inspired.

Many days, our kids are our subjects. They’re great ones to practice on — they rarely sit still and they’re pros at ignoring the fact that a camera is present. A lot of the time, our iPhones are the cameras we have the quickest access to so we pull those out, which is great. And we used to use our back-up cameras to shoot our everyday, which worked fine, as well. But lately, we’ve been finding joy in using our best cameras and lenses to search for beauty and to create images.

It’s like we’re taking out our china for our everyday meals. And it’s wonderful.

Here are some recent images – from our unposed, raw, everyday.


those were really lovely, and….and….really love..ly.

These images are so beautiful and the post is so inspiring!

how in the world did i miss this post? i love it! i love these images so MUCH – so real, almost touchable to the onlooker.

R + K – I ADORE this!!!!

Kelly, you’re always rockin out the horizontal striped t, and boy am I jealous! I gotta get back to the weight I was 5 years ago so I can do the same. 😉 and as always, I love your photos. I always love me some personal photos because I know you’re probably showing your favorite, truest to life as can be, photos of the ones you love.

You are gorgeous!

i love this so very much. and the images are absolutely wonderful! miss you guys, lots of love.

wow!! these are amazing! Love all of them… especially the one of ray spinning little willow.

this is so good. well done, Silers!