Aistis + Meghan at Hilltop

September 19, 2014


Aistis + Meghan first met when Meghan, an agricultural satellite geographer, came to Madison from Boston to actually see agriculture. ūüôā¬†Their¬†first date was a bike ride. And Madison is now their¬†home.¬†Aistis is in residency to become a family doctor, and a quarter of their 100¬†wedding guests are¬†also on that same path!

There’s always so much we want to say about a wedding but… we’re not writers, we’re photographers ūüėČ so we’ll just tell you two sweet memories from their¬†the ceremony:

— Shortly after reciting a poem written by a late family member, Aistis’ father sat down and was then handed¬†the rings for part of their ring warming ceremony. For¬†a brief¬†moment he¬†touched them to his forehead. It was one of those moments that was so short that¬†we can’t really believe we were¬†able to capture it. Yet that small moment was¬†so telling to the deep love, respect, and hope for his son¬†and new daughter.

— Sweet baby Audra (who was born just five¬†days after our little Rio!) wanted to make¬†sure she was part of the ceremony. She let out a few baby¬†cries in the middle of it and Meghan instinctively walked over to calm her, simply by letting her see her mama’s face. After a¬†short cuddle followed by an applause, Audra¬†was handed over to grandma and the show continued on. ūüôā We find it so beautiful and¬†refreshing¬†when real life breaks the mold of perfection¬†and when the participants (in this case, the bride and groom) just accept, respond to, and savor it.

Also, fyi — when a wedding day starts with friends at the water, we want to be there for that. ūüôā

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Some special credits to a few of their family members:¬†Meghan’s mom was the talent behind every stitch of her wedding dress. Meghan’s sister (a Montessori teacher) put together the¬†creativity station. Aistis’ sister designed and crafted the programs as well as the mason jar favors. Quite the talented family, yes. ūüôā