Amanda + Jeremiah’s Shindig at Camp Winnebago

June 4, 2014

So if we were to recommend one wedding format to copy completely it is probably this one. 🙂 A simple ceremony in the woods with 30 or so of your closest people. Each one, having the opportunity to speak love and encouragement to the couple and share in the moment. No performance, no wedding party, just honored friends and family. Then a party with a larger group of friends and family, the following day.

Amanda + Jeremiah’s wedding weekend at Camp Winnebago — which is just walking distance from the land where Amanda grew up and where her parents still raise sheep, grow grapes, make wine, and make maple syrup — was wonderfully low-key and beautifully simple.


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And on to day two… the shindig! Complete with lawn games, a three-legged race, sack hop race, a pig roast, and music by Mike in the Wilderness.

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Ha, sorry that I inadvertently interfered with the sack hop gif! 🙂 These are so wonderful. THANK YOU!