Andy + Lacey in a big barn with great music, a caricature artist, and desserts galore!

February 1, 2013

Many times, we have  a pretty good grasp on what to expect at a wedding. Yet, sometimes, we’re totally wrong. Before the wedding, Andy had informed us that Lacey has a whole basement full of stuff to fill the barn. We figured he was exaggerating. But no, he was serious. 🙂

Andy has been in a ton of bands and Lacey co-owns a hair salon, so the day was filled with great musicians and of course, great hair, all around. At the end of the night, Andy joined the live band, locked eyes with his Lacey and sang his heart out. This all took place at the beautiful Barn at Harvest Moon Pond.

Wedding Ceremony in the Barn

the barn at harvest moon pond wedding

Wedding in The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond

Bride and Groom by the Harvest Moon Pond

bride and groom - harvest moon barn

Wedding Reception in the Barn

wedding details - harvest moon barn

Also, after watching this throughout the night, we were convinced that every wedding should have a caricature artist. This guy is amazing!

caricature artist at wedding - stop motion

groom singing

groom playing guitar

bass stop motion at wedding

wedding dance in the barn

Sunset at The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond

Bride and Groom at Sunset



I love her dress!! Any chance you guys know where she found it?

Where was this wedding held?

Wow, I can’t believe we didn’t mention that anywhere in the post (I will have to add it). The wedding took place at The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond in Poynette WI.

Having been there in person (Andy is my son), I can honestly say your photos captured the night perfectly! I have passed your name on to others. Thank you for sharing your gift and for helping us remember this beautiful day.

This was a gorge wedding, and you captured it beautifully! I love the stop motion of the stand up bass! Where did they find orange billy balls? Or did the paint the yellow ones orange??

love the gif of the drawing!

I love this wedding, guys. Lovely! The artist is such a great idea. I love all of the color as well.

love every single last frame. and lacey looks drop dead gorgeous. great style and great mood here.

I have no idea why but I am sitting here with my mouth gaping open. This is AMAZING. I love this wedding, this couple is gorgeous, her dress is absolutley breathtaking and your photos are (as always) beyond. Again, no surprise you guys are amazing, but here I sit, mouth open. I think it’s pretty incredible you can do that to me over and over 😉 Love this.

beautiful. love the honesty to these images. my grandma is a professional cartoonist, so I have a caricature he did of me when I was three, and it’s one of the things I would grab if the house was on fire.

all of it is so good you guys! but i have to point out the stop motion of the caricature being drawn as being my favourite part, yep, so awesome. xo

this is so so lovely. the stop motion of the caricature artist is so superb!