Driftless Region DIY Wedding Extravaganza | Jason + Lane

August 18, 2011

I was excited for this wedding immediately after receiving the first email from Lane, way back in 2009. Lane wrote,

One of the important factors for us is having [a photographer] who knows the area and therefore can get the best out of the uniqueness of the driftless region.

We’ve probably written it before. How we really love the area in which we live and are constantly in awe of the beauty that is packed into this tiny little part of southwestern Wisconsin. Affectionately known to locals as, “the driftless region”.

Lane and Jason’s wedding was one fabulous DIY event; I’m trying to think of what wasn’t created from scratch. Their ceremony was unprecedented; never before have we seen such a large majority of the guests play an active role in supporting the bride and groom in their decision to marry. The book, I Like You, was the whimsical poetry behind the loveliness of it all. And the stars, Lane and Jason, fit their roles perfectly. Yes, they really do like each other. 🙂

Not only did Lane and Jason carefully create a huge amount of the details for their wedding guests to enjoy (hand-stamped flags hanging from all around, thrifted plates and silverware on which to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine, hand-crafted berry infusions, plus adorable hand-stamped vintage handkerchiefs and luxurious homemade goat’s milk soap for guests to take home as favors). In fact, their handiwork started with their invitations; here’s a post on Offbeat Bride outlining how Lane and Jason and their artistic friend Kristel created their adorable invites. To top it all off, Jason built the yurt where they spent the weekend. I told him he needs to get into the yurt building business; I’d be the first to buy one.

And anything that they did not do themselves, others gave as a gift, as they requested just one gift from their guests: their art. Their friend, Phia Dedes, created her dress and hairpiece… you will never find a dress like this anywhere; completely unique and perfectly Lane, this friend’s art-gift was on display all day. 🙂 Another friend created a hand-drawn font, uniquely theirs, now in their own illuminated wedding certificate.  Another friend, Rana, officiated the ceremony.

Others provided the night-time entertainment: fabulous Balkan music, belly dancing, and fire spinning. Yes, fire spinning. A few relatives contributed homemade marshmallows for roasting around the bonfire. Together, those present created a guest book of fabric with the vintage typewriters set out for all to use (or were they to play with?). 🙂

Lane and Jason, we were inspired to be around such an artistic, creative and welcoming group of people. We’re honored to finally present to your our gift. We’ll admit, we had quite the advantage though; we wouldn’t have been able to create it if it weren’t for you.



Magical and so many wonderful moments caught in time…..but the best is yet to come.

i love everything you all do, but these have to be the most fun yet…it’s like an amazing, whimsical, children’s book wedding.

i want that typewriter man framed on my wall. and the wedding dress in the yurt is pretty fantastic.

holy freaking crap. you’ve submitted this somewhere already, right?!?! that frame of the man typing at the the typewriter? the profile shot with the papers in the foreground?! BLOWING MY MIND.

oh. yes. we’ve been excited to submit this one since we shot it!