La Crosse Winter Wedding | Ryan + Miranda

January 17, 2012

One of our main goals is to gain the trust of our clients. It’s definitely necessary for clients to have some trust when they first hire us, just from connecting with the images they see in our portfolio. But, we always make sure to take it a bit further once we meet. We understand that this usually cannot be done within minutes, but we definitely try. 🙂 With Ryan and Miranda we feel like it happened during their engagement session. Miranda’s mom was also with us at that time and it was so great to see her trust in us, as well. Having a mother of the bride who lets us do our thing is a huge blessing. HUGE. We’re SO thankful when we recognize that our relationship with the bride/groom/family is built on trust and believe that together, we are able to create better images because of it.

Ok, enough theory. 🙂 This winter has been so odd! We were completely expecting a freezing cold, snowy December day for Ryan and Miranda’s wedding. In fact, they intentionally changed their date from a summer one to a winter one, to avoid the summer heat. It’s not like the day was warm, but it was definitely not snowy… until the end of the night. We were all so excited about that. Ryan and Miranda were so carefree and truly joyful all day long that playing in the snow felt like an appropriate way to end the night. 🙂

My favorite line of  the day came from Miranda’s sister… “I’m so thankful to have parents who have shown me day in and day out the kind of marriage I want to have.” They’re raised five beautiful children and have earned their respect — isn’t that a goal every parent has (or should have)? Well done, Freitags.

Sidenote – we loved Miranda’s hairstyle so much. Sometimes, when our little Willow (2) wakes from a nap and suddenly has an adorable new curl, we now call it a “Miranda curl”. 🙂

You may have already seen some of the adorable images from Ryan + Miranda’s first look (and if not, you can view them here).

Places and People:
Hair: Metropolitan Spa
Ceremony: St Johns Church
Brewery Tour: Pearl St Brewery 


One of the best weddings I’ve seen photographed. I feel like I know these people just by the photos, they truly tell a story! Great, great job!

Sorry for the delayed response everyone.

Erik- I have to agree the day was pretty magical (constant rain/snow is included in that word too, right?). And we are glad we can inspire you in some way with our images. We need to meetup sometime soon.

Patricia- Thanks your kind words are always appreciated.

Fernando- It rained pretty much all day, and we were soo happy when it turned to snow and Ryan and Miranda were up for going out it to it. I think that is the first time I have shot a couple in snow at night, it’s a pretty tricky, but awesome thing.

Jen- Thanks for the comment. They are beautiful people… what can we say.

Alyx- Thanks for the huge compliments. Ryan and Miranda were such an inviting and sweet couple and they made it pretty easy for us to show them as they are.

WOW. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work. I have a lot to catch up on. I’m so impressed!

Awesome photographic work. Great B/Ws. Last ones are fantastic. Congrats.

Always love checking out your work. Amazing job you two! 🙂

Truly a magical wedding Ray! You do a wonderful job capturing the day perfect for every situation. Your photos always inspire me. Keep up the great work 🙂