I really like my wife. And take a lot of photos of her.

April 27, 2012

The weather was great yesterday afternoon so we stepped away from our computers and threw some food together for a little picnic. Then we went for a country drive and on the way home we passed a fun little spot that caught our eyes. We backed up, pulled over, and danced around in a culvert for a little while.

I’m curious — do all photographers trespass? I think it’s in our blood. When a location is good, I like to think it’s worth it.

We took over a thousand photos because we have been playing around with stop motion (awesomeness!), but here are some of my personal favorites of Kelly. What can I say? I married up.

And whoever says that cameras don’t take pictures – people do; well, they’re wrong. My camera took this one, all by itself!

All photos taken with the new VSCOcam app on the iPhone. Juuuuust kidding! 🙂



Love these photos, they’re all beautiful! And yes, as far as trespassing goes, sometimes it’s just too hard to resist.

omgosh … these photos make me want to reach into the frame and give kelly a hug!!!

bwhahaha. I was half-tricked with the vsco app comment. i love these. fabulous!