Pam + Brian walked to the park, got married, then rode off on their tandem bicycle.

October 20, 2014

Appleton Park Wedding

28 guests, including us. I think we have said it before but just to say it one more time, the smaller the wedding, the more loved each guest feels. Ok, we could totally be wrong about this, but it was so obvious and beautiful how Pam and Brian showed their appreciation and love on their wedding day. Nothing was overstated, nothing was chaotic, it just worked, and for us it felt really really special to be a part of it. Thank you, dear Pamela + Brian, for inviting us in and letting us document you. And your podium. 😉

Park Wedding PamBrian02 PamBrian03WED-024PamBrian04 PamBrian05 PamBrian06 PamBrian07PamBrian09aPamBrian08

PamBrian11 PamBrian13 PamBrian14 PamBrian17 PamBrian18b PamBrian19 PamBrian21 PamBrian22 PamBrian24_cr PamBrian25 PamBrian26 PamBrian27 PamBrian28 PamBrian29 PamBrian30 PamBrian31 Park Wedding Appleton PamBrian34 PamBrian35b PamBrian37PamBrian38 PamBrian39 Intimate Wedding in Park PamBrian41 PamBrian42WED-214WED-215PamBrianrings PamBrian44WED-210 PamBrian45 PamBrian46 PamBrian47 PamBrian49 PamBrian50 PamBrian51 PamBrian53 PamBrian54 PamBrian55 PamBrian56 PamBrian57 PamBrian58 PamBrian59 PamBrian60 PamBrian61PamBrian74 PamBrian62 PamBrian63 PamBrian64_cr PamBrian65b PamBrian67 PamBrian69 PamBrian70 PamBrian71 PamBrian72_cr PamBrian73 PamBrian75 PamBrian76 PamBrian77 PamBrian78 PamBrian79 PamBrian83_cr PamBrian85 PamBrian86PamBrian87 PamBrian90 PamBrian91



Congratulations! Your pictures are OUTSTANDING, thanks for sharing! Linda

That one with Jada is so sweet! And the doves looked awesome-Congrats!!