Plywerk – eco-friendly bamboo photo mounting

December 1, 2011

I’m not really big on selling print products, as a photographer. It’s mostly because I’ve worked in photo sales at a few different jobs in the past and it gave me an aversion to selling, period. Personally, I think photographers who prioritize selling and force their clients to pay super high costs for prints cheapen their art. So I try to be as fair and reasonable as possible with all the prints that I offer through my galleries and – though I think my printer does an excellent job (and a whole lot better than say Walgreens, etc.!) – I am not going to say they are the best in the world or hold hostage the images I’ve taken for a client. I know others do it differently, but that’s what I’m most comfortable with, so it’s how I do it. 🙂

With all that being said, I recently came across Plywerk bamboo photo mounting and their products are – in my opinion – the best!  They are beautifully crafted, created in a eco-friendly way (in Portland, OR – yay!) and they are the first products that I would fully endorse for printing, compared to anything else I have seen. Not that there aren’t other great options (I also like canvas prints, for example), I’m just saying that this is my favorite. And I’m not getting paid a penny to say any of this. 🙂

As a photographer myself, I don’t print nearly as much personal work as I’d like to so, when Kelly and I stumbled upon Plywerk, we decided it was finally time to print a few images of our kids.  Here’s a glimpse into our latest photo wall:

And in case you’re a client who is interested, I am now offering a few of their products through my galleries! It will cost you a few extra dollars if you order it from me, but I’ll do the legwork and it all goes back to those cute little kids above. 🙂



Very cool. I haven’t seen photos mounted like this before. Good find!

these are gorgeous. I’ve never heard of them before! And I totally love your photos of your kids. It’s something I’m very slowly working on – getting photos up of Jolene. I actually ordered one of these right after seeing this post because I want to see it in person and you probably wouldn’t want me and my family coming to your home to see them in person. 🙂

dang, those look awesome! we may have to get some up on our walls…

GORGEOUS!! I must check into these!! So so lovely!! Love the images of the kids 🙂