Seth + Laura, and the marvelous skies

July 31, 2012

You might remember these two from this post. Like I mentioned there, Laura and I have known each other for years, and Kelly and I have been so excited to photograph this wedding. But here’s a little back-story that you won’t see in the photos… 🙂

People like to ask us, “what happens if you’re sick on our wedding day?” Well… we were very, very sick the day before and up until this wedding. As in, not fun flu sick. As in, we barely had enough strength to prep our gear, let alone be on our feet for 10 hours. As in, schedule some back-up shooters, juuust in case. 🙂 Unbelievably, and so, so thankfully, we started to pull it together right as we were arriving into Madison. Such a relief (and miracle), because we really wanted to be a part of Seth + Laura’s wedding!

Two of our favorite parts of this day were heading to the Weary Traveler for some mid-day drinks with the couple and being at the water for the ‘blue hour’. It was truly marvelous, like the ducks and waters and skies were performing, just for us.

Florals by the talented Ariyl of Daffodil*Parker





Love the Weary! So glad you both were feeling great for the wedding, although I would have loved to shoot with you Kelly! Your photos always amaze me.

Oh goodness, being sick like that and having a wedding scheduled is probably most photographer’s nightmare- so glad you guys were well enough to do it! Love the photos at Weary- love the fact you were at weary, what a fun spot! Beautiful photos, as always. 🙂

I love the way the two of you see the world. Always inspired.