Viroqua Springtime Engagement | Pasquale + Chessie

May 4, 2011

I live in a small town and sometimes, I’m prone to think that it’s much easier to find picturesque backgrounds in big cities and/or urban areas (previously, I’ve lived in both types of places).  But after shooting in this area a bit more, I’ve come to realize two things: (1) I absolutely love searching out new places to shoot and  (2) I find the midwestern small town feel so charming.

And I think Pasquale and Chessie liked what we were able to find here too, even though they live in Boston and are having their wedding in Madison (see, big city / urban areas!). If I showed you some of the big scenes (the “whole picture”) where we shot a few of the following images, you’d probably be surprised.  Great photo locations are all around you… it just takes some searching and a bit a creativity.  More on that in another post. =)

A few of my favorite photos from their engagement session, shot here in Viroqua: