Wildflowers + fields + trees + water + an awesome couple.

This might be our best recipe for an engagement session. But we can’t take credit for any of those ideas — Jacque + Kevin came up with some starting locations and we sort of just went from there. We never really know what we’re going to find on a session. And we like to work that way. We like walking, and exploring, and dancing, and exploring and walking. We were pretty delighted with how it all came together. :)

Once the light was gone, we headed back to Jacque’s parents’ home and were invited by their families to join them for an intimate dinner celebration of sorts. They served up an amazing feast, then filled us to the brim with pie, ice cream and coffee, and we felt like very honored guests when her father told us of the Châteauneuf du Pape wine they saved from a past trip to Italy to share at an occasion such as this. What an incredible couple, and what incredible families. We’re so looking forward to their wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn next summer.

a sidenote — This session was many weeks ago, we’ve just been shooting so non-stop lately that, truthfully, we were getting to the point of it being a little bit crazy. But after that evening, we returned home refreshed, renewed and amazed at what we get to do — together — for a living. The couples and families we get to meet, who invite us into their lives and homes, who tell us their stories, so we can document their love — it’s amazing. We treasure it. Yet sometimes, we forget how wonderful is it to be able to work at this craft, side by side. What an honor.