Camp Dewan Wedding / Whit + Wolf


five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These guys booked us less than two weeks before their wedding; on one of the only Saturdays we had open. Such a wonderful last-minute match!

2 – There are rumors about the history of Camp Dewan being a nudist camp, then a Christian camp, and now a wedding venue / getaway. Eclectic place.

3 –They had an early morning ceremony followed by a pig roast, then a relaxing break in the day, and a late-night food truck.

4 – Whitney and Wolfgang took a midday nap in their little yurt. Highly recommended. Might’ve been the best accidental idea ever.

5 – A tornado warning kept everyone inside for a bit. Just for a half an hour, but still noteworthy, because it was raining like crazy. :)

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