Jacque + Kevin (and a bunch of animal heads) at Mayowood Stone Barn :)

Remember these guys? Well their adorable-ness didn’t stop at the engagement session.

It’s always amazing to see a bride and groom truly take in the moments of their wedding day. Jacque and Kevin have the types of personalities that seem like absolutely nothing can frazzle them. They are laid-back, smiley, and just fun to be around. Kind of our favourite type of people. :)

Here’s just a tiny glimpse of them enjoying their wedding day and all the loveliness that came along with it:


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Venue – Mayowood Stone Barn
Planner – Jill Drazkowski
Floral – Alesa de Jager
Hair + Make-up – Brett Dorian Studios
Catering: Chef Pasquale Presa of Kahler Hotel