Julie + Ryan

five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – The Farm at Dover might just be our favorite wedding barn in Wisconsin. And that’s saying a lot, because there are quite a few wedding barns in this state.

2 – The best line of the day goes to one of Julie’s bridesmaids when they were all asked “Do you guys have a hashtag?” She replied, “A hashtag? Um, no. we’re too old for that.” (Clearly, they’re not.) haha!

3 –These two got engaged while camping and hiking in Banff National Park. We’re a little jealous.

4 – We spotted a vintage Vernon County Fair sign (which takes place in our little city) in the Grainery! Ray was tempted to steal it but, don’t worry, he would never.

5 – You know you’re on real farmland when a trailer full of round bales drives right behind the ceremony just as it’s about to begin. :)

FarmatDoverWedding03 FarmatDoverWedding04FarmatDoverWedding25FarmatDoverWedding27FarmatDoverWedding28_FarmatDoverWedding30FarmatDoverWedding31FarmatDoverWedding11FarmatDoverWedding08FarmatDoverWedding05FarmatDoverWedding06 FarmatDoverWedding15 FarmatDoverWedding16 FarmatDoverWedding17 FarmatDoverWedding18 FarmatDoverWedding19 FarmatDoverWedding20FarmatDoverWedding24FarmatDoverWedding32 FarmatDoverWedding34 FarmatDoverWedding35 FarmatDoverWedding36 FarmatDoverWedding38FarmatDoverWedding37 FarmatDoverWedding39 FarmatDoverWedding41 FarmatDoverWedding42 FarmatDoverWedding43 FarmatDoverWedding46_ FarmatDoverWedding47 FarmatDoverWedding48 FarmatDoverWedding50 FarmatDoverWedding51_ FarmatDoverWedding53 FarmatDoverWedding54 FarmatDoverWedding55 FarmatDoverWedding58 FarmatDoverWedding59_FarmatDoverWedding57 FarmatDoverWedding61 FarmatDoverWedding62 FarmatDoverWedding63_FarmatDoverWedding67FarmatDoverWedding66 FarmatDoverWedding68_ FarmatDoverWedding70FarmatDoverWedding71_

FarmatDoverWedding74 FarmatDoverWedding75 FarmatDoverWedding78 FarmatDoverWedding79 FarmatDoverWedding80 FarmatDoverWedding82 FarmatDoverWedding83 FarmatDoverWedding84FarmatDoverWedding87 FarmatDoverWedding86

this wedding took place at the beautiful Farm at Dover
amazing florals created by Wood Violet Floral and Design