Landon Sheely


Something happens when spring hits here in the Midwest. The tiny green buds on the trees breathe new life into us, inspiration hits. It’s incredible and yet a bit frustrating that winter always seems to hold on for so long. I suppose there’s part of the reasoning as to why we try to escape the Wisconsin winters and explore new places. Truly, when spring arrives, there is something deep in our bones that screams, new life! And so here we are again, just running with it.

These images are some extras from a recent shoot we did for Society6 of the crazy talented artist, Landon Sheely. You can view their feature here and learn more about Landon and his artwork here.

Happy spring.

Landon-002 Landon-004Landon-005Landon-042 Landon-032

Landon-019 Landon-021 Landon-023 Landon-025 Landon-050 Landon-051Landon-015