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Every time we create a custom album for one of our couples we can’t help but think about the future hands that might flip through those stories some day. The laughter and tears that will be shared and the moments that will be relived of an incredibly important day in your family’s legacy. 

Unfortunately, for many couples, wedding photos stay tucked away on a hard drive or only accessible via a soon-to-expire online gallery - that is, if they're able to find the email link to said gallery. :)

Many of us have had "Order an Album" as an item on a to-do list that stayed there for years, realizing the amount of time and effort it takes to both emotionally and artistically create something of value! (And believe us, we get it, it took 10 YEARS before we finally designed and printed our own!)

So... that's what we’re here for - we want to take that off your plate because we know how easy it is to push this off.  We also know how much you're going to absolutely LOVE having this treasure in and around your home.

It’s not a bad thing to have a digital backup of your images (we even encourage it!)...

created to last


Because we’ve been doing this professionally for over a decade, we have gained the ability to work with reputable printers that are only accessible through a professional photographer — and we’re honored to offer those options to you!

Each heirloom album is handmade from start to finish and custom designed in a clean, modern style. These incredibly high-quality albums are printed with a matte finish and the printed and creased spreads are bound to a board-like material that gives each page a thick, sturdy, matte, board-like feel. They're truly one-of-a-kind.

For us, a wedding album is the pinnacle of curation; our job doesn’t feel complete until we’ve created one for you!

custom designed + hand-bound


memories you can hold

trust us - your photos are most powerful in print.

your images deserve more visibility than just stashed-away hard drive.

order your album

Preserve your memories,
keep them well,
what you forget
you can never retell.

- Louisa May Alcott

03 - we send to print + it's delivery day!

This is where we collaborate - you may provide as little or as much feedback as you'd like! Some of our couples approve the design on the spot, and others like to hand-select a few favorites from their gallery to make any swaps they'd like. We'll do two rounds of revisions like this and then it's ready to send to print.

02 - YOU provide any feedback

When we discovered that the main thing keeping our couples from creating an album was the initial sense of overwhelm, we realized the very best thing we can offer is to take that feeling away by doing the heavy lifting FOR you! We'll design a first draft as a starting point, and go from there. If you've selected any favorites in your online gallery, we'll use those as a reference, as well.

01 - we create an inItial design

Our priority is to guide you in co-creating an album that will mean the most to you while making this a fun and super simple experience.  Here's an overview of how it all works!

We've partnered with an absolutely lovely printer who takes our digital files and design and brings that to life in a hand-stitched, leather- or linen-bound album with heirloom quality and guaranteed craftsmanship that will be the star of your coffee table for years and years to come. It's truly our favorite thing to see our couples send photos of their delivery day / unboxing excitement!

album Design

a simple, beautiful process

perfect - a treasured heirloom

it could not be more perfect. This really is the nicest album I've ever seen.
Such high quality and beautiful design. Just wow!
This will be a treasured heirloom! 

- liz + nick

a simple and easy process

the process was very simple and easy. we modified photos/layouts as we pleased and the end product was unbelievable. it truly took us back to the wedding day! we would highly, highly recommend.

- jay + cassie

bringing your images to life

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ray and Kelly!
I'm seeing images I never even noticed before and it would have taken me YEARS, literally, to put a book together myself.

- erin + jeremy

for future generations

we received the album and we love it!! it turned out so nicely and we can't thank you enough for memorializing our wedding like that. 

- beth + andrew

order your album

We've designed many beautiful albums over the years
and we would love to help bring YOUR story to life!

are you ready to hold your memories?

Yes! A 10% discount is applied toward any duplicate albums for parents/grandparents (these must maintain the same photo layout).

Can I order duplicate copies? 

Albums in the past have varied in length from 20-40 spreads (you will get to decide what you would like to keep/remove).

How many spreads does a typical album include? 

1 spread = 2 pages in an open, lay flat form. Prices above are base prices and will vary/increase depending on how many additional spreads/pages you choose to keep in the final album.


Once the design process and revisions are fully completed and we have a final count on additional spreads, upgrades, etc., we will send the final balance/invoice over to you. Upon receiving payment, we’ll then send the order + design to our printer! Printing and shipping can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but we will keep you in the loop with timeline and tracking info as much as possible.

what's the turnaround time?

After submitting this form, we'll send over a confirmation email along with a link to pay your deposit and fill out a short questionnaire, which will guide our first design. Once the $250 deposit has been taken care of, we'll get to work designing your album and will send a first draft back to you within a week or two. Yay! We're excited to collaborate with you to create something beautiful. :)

We're Ready! How do we book?

We allow 2 rounds for all revisions and design adjustments (which includes photo swaps, crops, and layout changes). Any additional revisions will have an added charge of $100/round.

how do revisions work?

What is a spread?