Hey guys, it’s been awhile…

July 15, 2015


(This post is dedicated to Emma, who said she loves everything about us except that we stink¬†at blogging. xo, dear Emma.) ūüôā

Sometimes we forget that people want to see new content on here. We have a LOT of images on our hard drives, and we print family photos for ourselves, as well as albums for clients but, for the rest of y’all… we’ve neglected you, haven’t we? We’re sorry. We can’t make any promises of how often or regularly we’ll¬†post, but now that we’re back in the heat of summer and weddings, we’ll try harder. We’re not much for adding noise to the internet, so¬†we can at least tell you that it won’t¬†be crazy amounts, that’s for sure.

We’ll start here.¬†With some¬†family photos that were¬†hiding away from our winter travels — enjoy! And feel free to give us your own personal kick in the pants, like sweet Emma. We can take it. ūüôā

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