Shannon + John’s Rainy Devil’s Lake Wedding

Mmmmm Devil’s Lake. If you haven’t ever been to Wisconsin, you might think that the name of this state park disqualifies it from making the list of possible places to marry your best friend. But you’ll soon see why it doesn’t — it is truly a unique gem, and definitely one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Wisconsin, if not the Midwest.

It was free state park entrance day and there were literally thousands of people at the lake when the ceremony began. But then something crazy happened. The skies darkened, the winds came through, the waves got a little bit intense and — in what seemed like the blink of an eye — the two thousand wedding crashers left the park. Every last one of them (other than the hard core girl scouts, with ponchos, who were camping in the woods). :) So Shannon and John’s wedding at an open-to-the-public state park became an intimate affair in one of the grandest of locations in the area.

And you’ll notice this quickly, Shannon and John are smilers. Just *try* to not smile right along with them through these images. :)JohnShannon001Devils Lake Lodge JohnShannon003 Devils Lake Lodge Photo JohnShannon005 JohnShannon007 JohnShannon008 JohnShannon009devils lake lodge brideJohnShannon012 JohnShannon013a JohnShannon016 JohnShannon017 JohnShannon018 JohnShannon019 First Look at Wedding Wisconsin Wedding Photographer JohnShannon028 JohnShannon029 Devils Lake Wedding JohnShannon031 Devils Lake Wedding JohnShannon034 JohnShannon035 JohnShannon036 JohnShannon038 JohnShannon039 Devils Lake Swimmers JohnShannon043 JohnShannon044 Devils Lake Wedding Ceremony JohnShannon049 JohnShannon052 JohnShannon053 JohnShannon055 JohnShannon056 JohnShannon057 JohnShannon058 JohnShannon059 JohnShannon060 JohnShannon062JohnShannon130 JohnShannon064 JohnShannon070a JohnShannon073 JohnShannon074 JohnShannon076 JohnShannon077 JohnShannon080 JohnShannon083 JohnShannon084 JohnShannon085 JohnShannon087grill2 JohnShannon091aJohnShannon104 JohnShannon092 JohnShannon093 JohnShannon096 JohnShannon099goose JohnShannon103 JohnShannon106 JohnShannon107 JohnShannon110water JohnShannon112JohnShannon114 smores at a wedding JohnShannon115 JohnShannon116 JohnShannon117 JohnShannon118 bag toss at wedding JohnShannon120 JohnShannon123 JohnShannon124 JohnShannon128grass Wedding at Devils Lake Wisconsin JohnShannon137 JohnShannon140 JohnShannon141 Devils Lake Wedding Story JohnShannon143 JohnShannon144