Emily + Nic’s no-stress wedding at the Barn of O’Brien

I might be wrong, but I don’t think Emily had one ounce of stress in her body on her wedding day. I love giggly brides… when the bride is relaxed, everyone else wants to be! Another HUGE factor to their no-stress wedding day is that they had no bridal party. They had a bunch of friends come hang out while they were getting ready (girls at her parents’ home, guys at the Arbor House) and guess what? No one was in a hurry to do anything or worry about getting themselves ready. SO relaxed. SO one of our favorite things. :)

Emily + Nic live out in Los Angeles, and despite researching and planning their Madison wedding all the way from LA, they managed to find and hire the all the best vendors around (see our list of links below). Take these amazing vendors, mix in no bridal party, a barn, real cows! (right, Emily?), sweet families, an evening ceremony, lawn games, a crazy energetic Motown Band, good light that seemed to follow us around all day… and you get a wedding that makes you sigh and say, “wow.” Wow.



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Venue: O’Brien Barn
Day of Coordination: Cherry Blossom Events
Catering: Underground Food Collective
Florist: Daffodil*Parker
Pies: Humble Pie
Hair/Make-up: the amazing Lacey + Julissa of Julia Grace Salon
Decorations: A La Crate
Linens: Midwest Textiles
Motown Band: The Moods
Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth