End of summer

Some photos from the last few days of our summer…

Kids are such great models. They just keep living, without a care that a camera may be documenting any part of it.  See the photo of me (Kelly) (probably telling my son to calm down or stop jumping on grandma’s couch)? I could scrutinize that for hours and find a million reasons I don’t (or do?) like it.

Kids, they just don’t care. There is beauty in the moment – they aren’t so pre-occupied with what others think or how they look. Not always a good thing, but what a wonderfully sweet characteristic that is. I think the freedom of not caring so much helps to enjoy life – and photos of it – more.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Hey Ray – I love how you’re willing to keep your photos in the lower tonal range. I’m always tending to push them too hot…

    Great work!

    • Ray says:

      Jesse – it’s funny you say that because I typically tend to keep my images fairly bright, as well… it just seemed to fit with the mood of these images this time, and I always try to mix things up a little when I’m shooting for myself. If you want some more dark-toned inspiration, you should check out fer‘s work.

  2. Patricia E says:

    hmm… I totally agree Kelly. I love that child like spirit! Also, these are great photos – some for sure to get hung up on your walls :)

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks, Patricia! And yes, we do need to print some… I always need that reminder. :)

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