Mae + Jim get 1,000 points for an outdoor wedding on a cold, rainy day!

It’s snowy here in WI today (insert whimpers…) While there wasn’t snow on Mae + Jim’s wedding day, there *was* rain and wind… and it was really cold! But, these two made the call to keep their ceremony outside — something that even Ray and I (even with the perspective of being photographers) weren’t sure we would have been brave enough to do! But OH MY was it worth it… what a beautiful environment. Horticultural Hall is on a corner in downtown Lake Geneva, but you’d never guess it by the secluded space that is in the middle of this square-shaped structure.

BigFoot Beach State Park Wedding Photo

Enjoy just some of our favorites from Jim + Mae’s wedding day:

HorticulturalHallWedding01 HorticulturalHallWedding02 HorticulturalHallWedding03 HorticulturalHallWedding06 HorticulturalHallWedding07 HorticulturalHallWedding08 HorticulturalHallWedding09 HorticulturalHallWedding10 HorticulturalHallWedding11 HorticulturalHallWedding12 HorticulturalHallWedding13 HorticulturalHallWedding15 HorticulturalHallWedding19 Bigfoot Beach State Park HorticulturalHallWedding22 HorticulturalHallWedding23 HorticulturalHallWedding24 HorticulturalHallWedding25 HorticulturalHallWedding26 HorticulturalHallWedding28 HorticulturalHallWedding29 HorticulturalHallWedding30 HorticulturalHallWedding31 HorticulturalHallWedding32 HorticulturalHallWedding33 HorticulturalHallWedding37HorticulturalHallWedding43 HorticulturalHallWedding39 HorticulturalHallWedding40 HorticulturalHallWedding42 HorticulturalHallWedding45 HorticulturalHallWedding46 HorticulturalHallWedding47 HorticulturalHallWedding48 HorticulturalHallWedding49 HorticulturalHallWedding50 HorticulturalHallWedding51 HorticulturalHallWedding52 HorticulturalHallWedding53 HorticulturalHallWedding55 HorticulturalHallWedding58 HorticulturalHallWedding59 HorticulturalHallWedding61 HorticulturalHallWedding62 HorticulturalHallWedding63 HorticulturalHallWedding64HorticulturalHallWedding69 HorticulturalHallWedding66 HorticulturalHallWedding68HorticulturalHallWedding71 HorticulturalHallWedding72 HorticulturalHallWedding79 HorticulturalHallWedding81 HorticulturalHallWedding83 HorticulturalHallWedding84 HorticulturalHallWedding86 HorticulturalHallWedding88 HorticulturalHallWedding94



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  1. Laura Fisher says:

    Beautiful photos of my beautiful girl and her handsome new husband.

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