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Walnut Grove Engagement | Ryan + Miranda

Usually, I shoot engagement sessions by myself.  But since we scheduled  one on Kelly’s birthday and my sister volunteered to watch the kids, Kelly thought it would be fun to join me.  (Yes, we can honestly say that shooting together is sort of like going on a date, even though we are working.  We love what we do!)

Ryan and Miranda planned a beautiful location for their engagement session, starting with Miranda’s parents’ land.  And as much as I’d like to take credit for finding the final location on the shoot, I really need to point out that Kelly was the light-obsessed one that day.  She kept a close watch on the sun and was eyeing up one certain hilltop in the area throughout the entire first half of the shoot.  So this, in turn, made all of us light-obsessed.  I love chasing light… especially during the golden hour.

But man, did we have to work to get to it this time.  Ryan, Miranda, Miranda’s mom, Kelly and I piled into the van and drove up a super steep gravel hill, pathetically chugging away.  All of us were quietly assuming that – at any given moment – the van would just start rolling back down the hill.  Exhilarating, yes, but not ideal when the sun is ready to set at any moment.  Thankfully, the van conquered the hill-we’ll-never-drive-up-again and we were able to get some beautiful sunset shots.

Ryan and Miranda, thank you for trusting us and being willing to adventure with us!  And to Miranda’s mom, Wendy, thanks for hooking us up with your and your neighbors’ land – it all made for some beautiful scenes.


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Ray + Kelly Photography are a husband-wife wedding photography team based out of Southwest Wisconsin in the gorgeous Driftless Region of Viroqua.  The majority of our weddings and events take place outdoors in backyards, near a lakeside, on family farms, in modern barns and other beautiful venues all around Madison, Milwaukee, La-Crosse, Spring Green, Door County and all throughout the Midwest!

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