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Who We Are — Ray + Kelly:

believe everyone has a story worthy to be told
have three of the sweetest and most wild/hysterical kids around
have been documenting wedding stories since 2006!
make espresso (from our favorite local roaster) every day
could live off bread, wine and cheese (when Kelly isn’t eating Paleo)
eat meals outside as much as possible
love to travel
like to make stuff (drift journal)
feel complete around a full dinner table
are always on a treasure hunt for the best light
strive to live our lives full of wonder, excitement and joy
have received grace upon grace
believe true love never fails

Our Philosophy — we love people and we love art:

Our photos show real (rather than contrived) life. We believe that truly beautiful photos come from couples who feel like themselves and show love that is genuinely theirs.

We see a wedding as a story about a couple and their families and we strive to capture that story with depth, joy, life, motion, and emotions.

If we have to choose favorites, our favorite weddings are the deeply joy-filled ones — the ones where the couples and their families are really in the moment — there are happy tears, belly laughs, longer-than-average hugs, and a deep sense of gratitude.

Other than creating images that are honest, artistic, and filled with beauty, our biggest goal while using our cameras is to form real friendships. We always feel the best and most timeless images we have ever made are of people we can call friends.

To view more of our work, check out our portfolio.

We’re based out of
SW Wisconsin,
but are willing to travel… please contact us to tell us about your day.
We can’t wait to hear from you!


We are people who spend our days creating images but we never intend for them to just stay on a hard drive, so we love researching the best ways to get them off the computer screen and onto printed paper.

We print our own personal photos in albums every single year and really see this format as one that works very well with how we tell stories — through a series of images that show the mood and feel of each event. 

Because we’ve been doing this for over a decade and can call ourselves professionals, we have gained the ability to work with reputable printers that are only accessible through a professional photographer — and we’d love to offer those options to you!

created to last

Custom Heirloom Leather Bound Albums

Each album is handmade and custom designed in a clean, modern style. These albums are printed with a matte finish and the printed and creased spreads are bound to a board-like material that gives each page a thick, sturdy, matte, board-like feel.

custom designed + hand-bound

we cannot wait to get one into your hands!

heirloom albums


Ray + Kelly Photography are a husband-wife wedding photography team based out of Southwest Wisconsin in the gorgeous Driftless Region of Viroqua.  The majority of our weddings and events take place outdoors in backyards, near a lakeside, on family farms, in modern barns and other beautiful venues all around La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Spring Green, Door County and all throughout the Midwest!

ray + kelly

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